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People with neuroses, anxiety disorders, epileptic seizures and other diseases of the nervous system often are appointed by tranquilizers. Among the variety of these psychotropic drugs, the most effective drug is Valium. Instructions for use tell us about the composition of this medication and indications for use.

Composition of the medicinal product

Valium (internationally known as Diazepam) is available in tablets of 5 mg of diazepam (as well as in tablets for children with 1 and 2 mg of active substance). In addition, the product can be purchased in ampules, each of which has 10 mg of the active ingredient (1 ml contains 5 mg of diazepam).

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Pharmacological effect

The drug Valium belongs to the group of tranquilizers. The active substance of the remedy has a beneficial effect on the central nervous system, soothing it, relieving tension and anxiety, and also relieving anxiety and fear. This drug has a pronounced antiarrhythmic and anticonvulsant effect, reduces the synthesis of gastric juice, as well as muscle tone. In addition, the medicine Valium has a hypnotic effect, due to which it is prescribed for sleep disorders.

At the same time, while rendering the main action, taking Valium does not adversely affect thinking, memory, attention or orientation in space.

Indications for use

This psychotropic drug is prescribed in the following cases:

  • States that are accompanied by a tension of emotions, neuroses or anxiety disorders;
  • Various phobias, which are accompanied by hallucinations and paranoia;
  • Insomnia and other sleep disorders;
  • Abstinence syndrome (“withdrawal” that occurs after abandoning alcohol and drugs);
  • Vertebral syndrome (associated with disruption of the spine);
  • Headaches caused by overexertion;
  • Epilepsy (in combination with other drugs);
  • Arthrosis, muscle trauma and cerebral palsy (relaxes the muscles of the skeleton);

In addition, Valium is used:

  • In cardiology (infarction and angina pectoris);
  • In obstetrics (facilitating labor);
  • In dermatology (with eczema);
  • In surgery (as part of anesthesia);
  • In pediatrics (neurotic diseases, sleep problems, fears, irritability, obsessive-compulsive disorder syndrome);
  • In gynecology (malfunctions with menstruation, climacteric syndrome).

How to take Valium

Means in tablets should be taken orally, and the drug in the ampules is administered intravenously or intramuscularly.
In neurology and psychiatry, to combat neurotic disorders, phobias, fears and insomnia, this drug is taken at 5-10 mg to 4 r / day.
In gynecology and obstetrics Valium appoint 2-5 mg to three t / day.

To children, in the case of spastic conditions and psychosomatic disorders, this remedy is given only by the doctor’s prescription in individually selected dosages.
With regard to the use of the drug intravenously or intramuscularly, the daily dosage should be within the range of 1-60 mg. And a single dose, duration and frequency of administration are selected by a specialist individually.


If we consider cases in which the preparation Valium is not prescribed, the instruction for use identifies such conditions:

  • Chronic hypercapnia;
  • Severe myasthenia gravis;
  • Acute alcohol intoxication;
  • Acute intoxication with drugs;
  • Lactation and pregnancy;
  • Acute respiratory failure;
  • Severe COPD;
  • Increased sensitivity to diazepam;
  • Age up to 6 months (tablets), and up to 1 month (ampules).

Side effects

Receiving Valium can cause dizziness, high fatigue, disorientation, headache, hand tremor, depression or euphoria. In addition, there may be nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain and decreased appetite. It is not excluded the emergence of tachycardia and lowering blood pressure. In rare cases, there may be allergic reactions – itching and skin rash.