What is the purpose of Valium/ Diazepam?

Valium is a drug, intended for the treatment of different diseases, such as anxiety, panic disorder and sleeplessness. It is widely known by the brand name of Valium diazepam. It falls within the group of benzodiazepines and has a powerful sedative effect.

Therefore, it is used for the treatment of sleeplessness. In certain circumstances, the drug is also prescribed for treating the muscle spasms and relieve the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.

Important information about Valium diazepam

In certain cases, Valium diazepam may be contraindicated. If you suffer from any of the following diseases, you should use this drug only after the doctor’s approval.

You must not take Valium without consulting your doctor, if you:

Have a borderline personality
Are a pregnant, planning a pregnancy or are a lactating mother
Have any cerebrovascular disorders
Have liver dysfunction
Have allergy to diazepam or any components of Valium.
Have myasthenia gravis
Suffer from sleep apnea
Have breathing difficulty

In this case, don’t start the treatment without your doctor’s approval. This drug must be used only for a short time (no more than 1 month). If you want to stop taking the drug, you should gradually decrease the dosage and frequency of use to prevent the withdrawal symptoms.


Valium diazepam must be used according to the doctor’s prescriptions to avoid any withdrawal symptoms. In general, Valium 10mg pills should be taken 2-4 times a day.

However, older patients and people with an adverse medical history should reduce their dosage to 5 mg. The proper dosage and frequency of use must be determined by a doctor.

Adverse effects

The use of Valium may cause some common adverse effects, including:

Dryness in the mouth
Lack of appetite

More rare adverse effects include:

Mental confusion
Depressive disorder
Behavioral changes
Memory impairment

You should avoid performing any tasks that require high focus and concentration during the treatment with Valium. Such tasks include driving or operating heavy machinery, as the sense of confusion or vertigo may affect your mental clarity and cause accidents.

The long-term use of Valium followed by abrupt withdrawal of this drug may cause withdrawal symptoms, such as anxiety and sleeplessness. Therefore, it is essential to gradually decrease the dosage and the frequency of use.

Most adverse effects caused by the use of this drug are usually very mild and can be controlled. If you note any severe adverse effects, you must consult your physician to adjust the prescribed dosage and define the most suitable treatment for you.