Treatment of anxiety disorders and neurotic states with Valium

Diazepam is a pharmacologically active substance with anxiolytic, hypnotic, miorelaxing, anticonvulsant and sedative effects. By chemical classification, the drug refers to benzodiazepine derivatives. The substance is a part of medicines having different trade names – Sibazon, Relanium, Seduxen, Relium.

Diazepam may be the only component of the drug or it may be part of a combination of drugs such as Reladorm (Diazepam + Cyclobarbital). Preparations containing the active substance are available in the form of tablets and a solution for injection.

Action of Valium

Pharmacological effects of Valium diazepam:
Anxiolytic action is manifested by the elimination of fear, anxiety, nervous tension, anxiety;
Packing with tablets of the relaxing effect of the central type is expressed in the inhibition of spinal reflexes;
Hypnotic effect of the drug during the entire duration of the day;
Valium diazepam has a powerful anticonvulsant effect – it is the drug of choice for arresting convulsive seizures and epileptic statuses.

Features of Valium

Drugs containing diazepam are widely used in narcological practice for relief of withdrawal symptoms, which is manifested by anxiety, fear, expressed anxiety. If you order Valium without prescription it reduces the risk of developing alcoholic psychosis or reduces the symptoms of already developed delirium.

The drug is used in anesthesia for premedication, as the drug is able to reduce the dosage of Fentanyl, which is required for an introductory effect in anesthesia.

Cheap Valium online increases the threshold of pain sensitivity, normalizes the heart rhythm. With rapid intravenous administration, it sharply lowers arterial pressure, raises intraocular pressure, reduces the production of gastric secretions at night.

The medicine is very well absorbed quickly in the digestive tract, slower – when injected into the muscle. Metabolism of the drug occurs in the liver.

At the same time, active metabolites are formed that can pass the blood-brain barrier, penetrate the placenta and be excreted in breast milk.

The excretion of matter from the body is carried out mainly by the kidneys, in part – with feces. The drug is able to accumulate in the blood plasma with repeated application.

In what cases is the drug prescribed?

Generic Valium is used in many branches of medical practice as a hypnotic, tranquilizing and sedative:
Anxiety disorders, including neuroses, psychopathic conditions, accompanied by increased irritability, fears, emotional stress;

Anxiety syndrome in diseases of endogenous origin, including organic diseases of the central nervous system, schizophrenia;

The doctor prescribes medicines for psychomotor agitation due to somatic pathologies;

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome;

Obsessive states and various phobias;

Sleep disorders;

Hallucinations and excitement of various origins;

In pediatrics – neurosis, anxiety, enuresis and headache associated with neurotic-like conditions;
Hypertensive crisis, myocardial infarction and angina attack;

Premedication before surgical intervention requiring the use of general anesthesia;

With the aim of facilitating labor, cramping convulsions with eclampsia;

Psychosomatic disorders associated with the climacteric and menstrual period;

Epilepsy as part of a combination therapy to arrest and prevent convulsive seizures;

Spastic pathologies of central origin associated with the defeat of the central nervous system;

Spasms of the skeletal musculature;

Diseases and pathological conditions, accompanied by convulsive seizures.

Preparations containing Diazepam have been used for a long time and have wide indications for use. At present, the use of generic Valium has decreased somewhat.

This is due to the fact that the medicine has acquired the legal status of a psychotropic drug. For a better understanding, it should be said that there are many official classifications of medicines.